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ladysugarquill in hg_daily

*dusts comm off* *sees new LJ TOS* *recoils in horror*

In these two years since our last post I've kept collecting Harry/Ginny fics and art aiming to post them here, but life happened, and those links sat filling up bytes in my browser. But the movement of the Hinny fandom on tumblr - and the fact that there were still great Hinny fics and art being made - made me think we are not going anywhere.

(Metaphorically, that is. We ARE all leaving this dubious platform as fast as our legs can carry us).

So I've decided to take the chance the Great LJ Exodus Of 2017 is giving us move the comm to dreamwidth... and to bring it back!

However, there are two catches:

* I had a dumb and accidentally made a journal instead of a comm *facepalms* Which means the name hg_daily will be off-limits until the journal is purged. Therefore:

Which would you prefer the handle for this comm on DW to be?

other I'll mention in the comments

* I'm actually terrible at keeping up with things, not the least because I don't really have much free time. So I'm looking for co-mods! Duties would be to write a newsletter edition once or twice a month, depending on how many co-mods we end up being.

* Also looking for: contributors, who can send us links for new Hinny content.

I'll leave the poll up... a week? Then I'll create the new comm and import everything here over there.

Happy beginnings! <3