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ladysugarquill in hg_daily

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Yay, classes are finally over! I'll have more time now, so expect more frequent updates. I have so much Hinny goodness in stor for you... :D

Did you participate in Hinny week over at hpshipweeks? Send us your fic/art/meta in a comment to make sure we don't miss it!

- A New Life by mickawber_fics. [H/G, PG-13]
- He Walked by icmezzo. [H/G, PG]
- Exciting Match by katekintail. [H/G, R]

From hp_halloween:
- Costume Trouble by dragyn_42. [Harry/Ginny/Tonks, R]
- Yearly Checkup by dragyn_42. [H/G, Tonks, PG ]
- Remembering by writcraft. [H/G, PG-13]

- H/G icons at hogwartsicons.

- Harry Potter by maya-notliketheother. [Harry, PG]
- Hinny by hatepotion. [H/G, PG]
- Hinny by pebbles6. [H/G, PG]
- Alianza Personajes 06 by isine. [Lily Luna, G]
- Ginevra Weasley by may12324. [Ginny, PG]
- Be careful, Mr. Potter by radioactivemushroom1. [Ginny, PG]
- Chamber of Secrets by fishgurll. [Ginny, PG]
- Chosen by luniara. [Harry, PG]

- Vertigo by pretty_panther. [Ginny, PG-13]

- Nativity by traintracks. [Harry/Ginny, James, Al, Lily, Teddy, OMC, G]


Thanks for the link!
Welcome! :D