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May. 31st, 2011

Rainbow Flower


(no subject)

Unless anyone wants to take charge of this community as I have no time to run it and have been determined the "owner", this community will be deleted on June 16th.

Aug. 9th, 2007

Trio highly edible


Wednesday, 9 August 2007

Today's News:
- Teen Arrested for Posting Illegal French Translation of "Deathly Hallows" Online. [TLC]
- "Potter" cast discuss movie, attend Turkish premiere. [HPANA]
- German Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Cover Art Chosen. [TLC]
- Court Rules Against JKR in Photo Privacy Case. [TLC]
- Order of the Phoenix Box Office Totals Continue to Soar. [TLC]
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by the Numbers. [TLC]
- Cbbc Newsround Deathly Hallows Quiz. [TLC]
- Tell a Tale of Harry Potter. [TLC]
- Order of the Phoenix nominated for Teen Choice Award. Vote here.

- angua9 posts a poll about the aspects of Deathly Hallows.
- copperbadge: Remus Lupin in Deathly Hallows.
- author_by_night wants to know how to deal in a world that does not allow for time to just stop and write.
- 12_12_12: Nostalgia Moments with the Trio in Deathly Hallows.
- andrewrilstone: Harry Potter and Qualified Recantation.

- painless_j reminds everyone to archive your fics!
- pumpkin_fics updates its Spoiler, Requests and LJ Compliant Policies.
- daily_snitch announced Policy changes.
- hogwarts_today announces it will go on hiatus, effective immediately. Details here.
- erotic_elves, pervy_werewolf, and pornish_pixies are now operating under friends-lock. Each community has provided a public post with instructions on how to view their fic and art.
- Simply Undeniable has announced a new Challenge. Details here.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Moments in Second Person by biggrstaffbunch. [Multiple Ships, R]
- Eleven Months Later: Scrubbing Bubbles by kanedax. [H/G, Strong R]
- Untitled by almond_joyz. [Post-DH drabble, PG13]
- Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies by fireworkfiasco. [H/G, DH, PG]

Today's Fanart:
- Something Useful by mudblood428. [H/G, DH, PG]
- Harry Potter: TNG by poor_media. [New Characters, G]
- Baby Harry by leochi. [Animated, G]
- Hagrid and Harry by essacat. [DH, G]
- 'Keep Faith - Good Night' by ithinkiamlost. [Ginny, G]
- Fiendfyre by alicia_mb. [Trio, DH, G]
- Three DH illustrations by click_megalo. [Various, DH, G]
- Trio by damn_squiggly. [Comic, DH, G]
- DH Harry, Ginny by almond_joyz. [G]
- Now You Are Dangerous by modernthirst. [H/G Fanmix & Art]

Of Interest:
- theljstaff makes a clarification post about the Illegal and Harmful Content Policy in lj_biz
- Open Letter To LiveJournal/Six Apart by bubble_blunder.
- Open Letter To LiveJournal/Six Apart by femmequixotic.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Aug. 4th, 2007



Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Hello! Here's your Saturday edition. :)

Today's Fanfiction:

- Wallflower by archanas247. [HG, PG]
- DH Fic by beeeez. [H/G, PG-13]
- Almost Perfect by carter_sg1. [H/G, R/H. PG-13]

Of Interest:

- carentan is compiling the Deathly Hallows Yellow Pages.
- PotterCast 113.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Aug. 3rd, 2007



Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Friday everyone.

Warning: Links may have spoilers for Deathly Hallows.

In today's edition we have the following:

- muselolita posted Searching for Dates - Regulus and Sirius Black.
- hymnia has a poll on Ginny Weasley.

- omniocular has begun its August Deathly Hallows Challenge
- spookathon sign-ups have started.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Always Mine by margaret67. [H/G, Soft R]
- Shivers by cicatrixstories. [H/G, NC-17]
- The Final Release by hedwig5221. [H/G, G]
- Test Drive by lunalovepotter. [H/G, Hard R]
- Desirable Number One by [viaaurelia1310] [H/G, PG]

Today's Fanart:
- He nearly killed the cat by leochi. [J/L and baby Harry, G]
- Tea with the Potters by definewisdom>. [Potter family, G]

Of Interest:
- sellthelie created an OotP mood theme

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jul. 30th, 2007

Rainbow Flower


Monday 30 July 2007

Well, there is SO much today to tell you about!


J.K. Rowling Web Chat Transcript [TLC]
J.K. Rowling "Today Show" Interview Transcript, Web Only Video Extras [TLC]
J.K. Rowling Talks Details on Deaths in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" [TLC]
New OOTP interviews, behind-the-scenes clips [Veritaserum]
OotP makes $17.1 million over the weekend [Veritaserum]
Nick Harry Potter News: "Deathly Hallows" Up for UK Kid's Choice Awards, Magazine Feature [on OotP [TLC]
Alfonso Cuaron "Really Tempted" by "Deathly Hallows" Film [TLC]
Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom!!  [JKR.com]


pegkerr discusses Remorse and Transformation of Character
dementedsiren discusses What's the Moral of the Story?
eldritchhobbit discusses Harry Potter and Politics: Links and Thoughts


byondthehallows is looking for RPGers
deanlovesluna is a community for Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood Fic and Art
openattheclose is a community to fill in the blanks of canon characters.


Tending the Living by mhalachaiswords [PG, H/G]
After the Flaw by kanedax [PG, H/G, R/Hr]
Ginny's War by sourivho [PG13, H/G]
GinFan has completed Stranded with Chapters 14,15,16 & 17 [R, TQP]
Intromit has updated Harry Potter and Fate's Debt with Chapter 20--A Ferret and a Toad [PG13, SIYE]
Breanie has updated A New Beginning with Chapter 19--Understanding t he Prophecies [R, SIYE]
Seeking Comfort by Fire [G, Q&K]
One Week Later by eimajunknown [PG13]

Fanart and Icons:

DH icons and Wallpaper--astudyinpanic
Icons with art by Reallycorking--mw_icons
Icons and Wallpapers with Reallycorking's Art--alcarcalime
Luna Lovegood by leochi [G]
Aberforth Dumbledore by javawombat[G]
Until the Very End by midnight_ljc [PG13]
What Ron Saw in the Locket by buttfacemakani [PG]
The Aftermath by thirteencharms [Ginny, Luna, G]
DH Sketches by mon_starling [G]
Teddy by midnight_ljc [G]
Worst Fears Realized by trishna87
The Lost Ones by twinklepug [G, Remus, Tonks, Moody, Fred, Dobby, Hedwig]
The Wedding by click_megalo [scroll to bottom]
A Trio of Pets by poor_medea
Harry and Hedwig by damn_squiggly [G]

Of Interest:

The Quidditch Pitch will be down for a few days...
FAQs about the 6th Wave of the hpgw_ficafest

Send your Harry/Ginny news to hpgw_daily at gmail dot com


Jul. 27th, 2007



Friday, 27 July, 2007

Happy Friday everyone.

Links may lead to spoilers about Deathly Hallows, click at your own risk.

Today's News:
- Reminder: Registration for Prophecy 2007 Closes Tomorrow. [TLC]
- Audio of J.K. Rowling USA Today Interview Now Online. [TLC]
- Dan Radcliffe Talks "Deathly Hallows" and Fate of Harry Potter   [TLC]
- 'Entertainment Weekly' says good-bye to 'Potter'   [HPANA]
- JK Rowling discusses mother, movies & books  [HPANA]
- Scholastic announces Rowling book tour sweepstakes   [HPANA]
- Vote for the German Edition Cover Art of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"   [TLC]

- blpurdom: JK Rowling and the Splintered Audience.
- silverhill: What makes certain books so popular?
- prettyoctopussy: Who Loves Severus Snape?

- madelah announces the Potterthon, where you can stay up for 24 hours blogging exclusively on all things Potter

Today's Fanfiction:
- Light after war by wopt70. [H/G, PG]
- A Very Special Witch by lunalovepotter. [J/L, H/G, R]

Today's Fanart:
- Acceptance by _odella_. [Harry, PG]
- Something to remember me by by reallycorking. [H/G, PG]
- Deathly Hallows art by caladan_dd. [Dumbledore, Grindelwald, G]

Of Interest:
- kp_mushu and shiiki created a Timeline for DH.
- orthogon_alley is a new community for AU fics and recs and discussions.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jul. 26th, 2007



Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Lots of Spoilers, tread with caution?

Today's News:
- Exclusive: What JKR Left Out. [Today Show]
- Watts, Fiennes & Townsend not lined up for 'Half-Blood Prince' movie. [HPANA]
- One of "Deathly Hallows" Alternate Titles Revealed and More from Midnight Launch in London. [TLC]
- Name of Character Given Reprieve Stated by JKR, Says She Will Write a Hogwarts Encyclopedia. [TLC]
- Video of Jim Dale Reading at New York "Deathly Hallows" Release Party. [TLC]
- Preview of Rowling interview with 'Today Show'. [HPANA]
- Video of Jo Reading from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". [TLC]
- JKR discusses the past & the future. [HPANA]

- pocketfullof: A Very Important Canon Question. (Spoilers)
- saturn92103: The Prophecy.
- 12_12_12: Ronald Bilius Weasley: Best Friend, Sidekick, and Big Damn Hero.
- mrstater: Chapter Eleven: Remus Lupin and Emotional Surplus.
- elsane: DH and Adult Character Development.
- eldritchhobbit: 10 Reasons Why I Love Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.
- fluffyllama: Too many Remuses.
- miggy: Now that everything is settle, who is your favorite .... [Poll]
- schemingreader: On Crucio and torture.
- connielane: In Defense of the Epilogue.
- yahtzee63: Five Epilogues I'd Like to Have Seen.

- tarie wants Your 5 top canon compliant fic or art pieces.
- satine_59 compiled a list of DH artwork.
- derivational compiled a short list of Post-DH fic recs.
- flyingcarpet compiles a list of post-Deathly Hallows fics and new communities.
- ravenna_c_tan is collecting Canon Questions Answered (and new ones raised) in Deathly Hallows.
- hpgw_ficafest is open for Plot Bunny Suggestions.
- daily_deviant has posted the Masterlist for its Farewell FQF.
- spellcast_lj released a Special Order of the Phoenix movie episode with Nicholas Hooper.
- thematic_hp is accepting prompts for Round 7: Vows and Life Debts until July 31.
- nevender is a new community for Neville Longbottom/Lavender Brown.
- bill_fleur is a new community for Bill/Fleur fic and art.
- hallowedmoments is a new community for The Deathly Hallows Missing Moments Fic-a-fest.
- post_dh_fic is a new community for writers to post their Deathly Hallows-compliant stories.
- hpreadalong is a new community that will be hosting a group re-read of the whole series. Reading will start with PS/SS on 1 August.
- i_loved_dh is a new community focused on appreciating Deathly Hallows.
Communities with SpoilersCollapse )

Today's Fanfiction:
- Things Change, People Change by ncp. [Gen, G]
- Years by brimac13. [PG]
- Becoming Whole Again by aperfectsong. [Ginny, others, R]
- Friends by mickawber_fics. [Post-DH Gen, various, G]
- Saying Goodbye by bibliophile20. [PG]

Today's Fanart:
- I thought you Knew ... by mudblood428. [Spoilers, Harry, Ron, G]
- Harry by elspethelf. [Spoilers, G]
- Deathly Hallows Chapter 34 by eliathanis. [Spoilers, Various, G]
- Three (DH Chapter 19) by reallycorking. [Spoilers, Ron, Harry, PG13]
- Molly by odyssey01. [Spoilers, PG13]
- Dancing Fire by thirteencharms. [Ginny, G]
- The Weasley Family Album by lorannah. [G]
- The Forest by gredandfeorge. [Spoilers, Harry, Hagrid, G]
- Thank you, JKR by waccawheels. [Harry, JKR, G]
- Trio by hippie_girl8. [Spoilerish, G]
- Harry by waccawheels. [Spoilers, G]
- Deathly Pottis by lberghol. [Spoilers, Three, Various, G]
- Reunion by hime199. [Spoilers, Various, G]
- Three Deathly Hallows Sketches by h_johanna. [Spoilers, Various, all G]
- Three by kyuukumber. [Spoilers, Weasleys, G]

Today's Icons:
- 19 Ginny and H/G icons by ladyheron. [H/G Rated R]
- 40 H/G & Bonnie at Premieres by littlefawkes.
- 19 Post-DH icons by brimac13.
- 2 H/G fanvid by johnsheppardluv.

Of Interest:
- violet_quill presents If My Friends-List Wrote DH.
- aryas_zehral presents the Extended Black Family Tree.
- fourth_rose: Harry Potter and the Crack That Follows.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jul. 23rd, 2007

Rainbow Flower


Monday 23 July 2007

First post-Deathly Hallows newsletter!!!


The majority of the links contain spoilers. Click at your own risk...


Borders(R) Sells 1.2 Million Copies of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Worldwide on First Day of Sales [CNN]
Missing Harry Potter Pages Stall Readers [CBS]
Flood could not stop delivery of Deathly Hallows [BBC]
Audio Interview: Mary Grandpre says goodbye to Harry [MnPR]
Deathly Hallows breaks record; OotP drops a notch [HPANA]


Now What? by almond_joyz [PG13, gen]
Interlude by biggrstaffbunch [PG, gen]
Blazing by mickawber_fics [PG, fluff]
Family Reunion by florahart [G, Harry, Petunia]
Intinerant by biggrstaffbunch [PG. Harry/Ginny, Teddy Lupin]
After the Flaw by kanedax [PG, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione]


Is This the Moment? by reallycorking [Ron/Hermione, Harry, PG]
Ron and the Sword by leelastarsky
Badass!Neville by laverinth [Neville, Nagini, PG]
First Broom by leochi [Harry, James, G]
Spoiler Art by barlidoc [various]
The Dumbledores by fairylein [G]


Text icons by i_m_badger
Animated Icons by kanae_mizuhito
30 DH icons by havens
15 DH icons by cunning_croft


everything_dh for fics, icons and art relating to HP & the DH
hp_ass for Albus Severus/Scorpius era fics
year7athogwarts a community for filling in the blanks


moonysshadow discusses Elphias Doge
12_12_12 discusses The Scenes from Deathly Hallows I Most Want to See in the Movie
jessicaqueen discusses A Post-DH Theory Put to Rest
schemingreader discusses Repentance without Redemption
humantales discusses Obituary
midnitemaraud_r discusses In Defense of Remus Lupin
dreamer_marie discusses Thoughts on Snape
christycorr writes about Snape and Dumbledore's Sortings

Please send all your HG News to hpgw_daily [at] gmail.com


Jul. 19th, 2007



Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Two days, my goodness two days ... *must breathe*

I bring you a bit of a catch up issue and more than likely our last pre-DH edition.

Today's News:
- New York Times Posts Spoilers: Call for Letters. [TLC]
- Listen and Play the Harry Potter Audio Book Way. [TLC]
- Bloomsbury Updates With More on JKR "Deathly Hallows" Reading and Webchat. [TLC]
- Scholastic Issues Statement on "Deathly Hallows" Early Release of Books. [TLC]
- Row in Israel over Potter Sabbath launch. [Yahoo News]
- JKR Updates Diary, Asks Fans to Ignore "Deathly Hallows Spoilers". [HPANA]
- Muggles Leak "Deathly Hallows" Online; Magical World Resisting. [TLC]
- Sorting Now Open for "Deathly Hallows" Reading Group. [TLC]
- U.S. college students seek the magic of Quidditch. [Yahoo News]
- Scholastic takes action against early distributions of 'Deathly Hallows'. [HPANA]
- Potter everywhere as book release nears. [Yahoo News]
- Of Centaurs and Kreacher. [TLC]
- Harry Potter High Def DVD Box Set Due. [TLC]
- video of Deathly Hallows Ready for Delivery. [Source]
- New interviews with Emma, Rupert & Chris Rankin. [HPANA]
- Cheryl Klein and the Continuity of Harry Potter. [TLC]
- Tonks Talks: A New Interview with Natalia Tena. [TLC]
- Potter Actors Attend Charity Event in Colorado. [TLC]
- No "Deathly Hallows" Books for Asda Stores in the UK? [TLC]
- Jim Dale Not Talking the End of "Deathly Hallows". [TLC]
- Deathly Dursleys Contest Winners Announced. [TLC]

- unlikely2: 'Did Snape actually AK Dumbledore?'
- violet_quill: How do you feel that being in fandom has affected your enjoyment of the books as a reader?
- mooncrab: 'How did Percy come across Scabbers?'
- crooked_halo8: 'How are you getting your copy of Deathly Hallows?'
- skuf: 'So which is AU and which is AR?'
- akissinacrisis: The Mystery of Lily Evans.
- arionrhod: HP Apocalyse! Where is fandom going after Deathly Hallows?. [Poll]
- oppugno_icons: Deathly Hallows Poll.
- gmth: Pre-DH Expectations. [Poll]

- candy_stick is asking you to rec your all time favourite fics in the HP fandom. [Any pairing/genre/rating]
- marginaliana has questions about fanmixes.
- maple_mahogany posted a pre-DH fic round up.
- disarrayy posted a Tips on Getting Rid of Trolls & Unwanted Spoilers!
- hpgw100 is now open for any drabbles you'd like to write.
- hogwarts_today is on hiatus until July 23rd.
- hallows_reviews is a new community for anyone to post thoughts/reviews of DH during July 21-31.
- Claims for hp_tarot's Round Two of the Potterverse Tarot Fest end July 19th.
- rt_challenge is hosting a 24 hour Last Minute Last Chance Ficathon, starting Thursday July 19 at Midnight.
- reversathon has posted the Reversathon 2007 Masterlist.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Quartet for Separated Voices by rhetoretician. [H/G, J/L]
- A Simple Misunderstanding by maegro. [PG]
- What a Fine Mess by margaret67. [PG13}
- Wallowing in Self-Pity by almond_joyz. [H/OFC, H/G, R/Hr - PG]
- If only for tonight I am unafraid by hr_r_luver. [R/Hr, H/G, B/F - PG]
- Last Minute Fic by shocolate. [R/Hr, Harry - PG]
- Smutlet & Art Collaboration: Sunrise by belladonna_tb, mudblood428. [H/G - R]
- Too Far Gone by abvj. [Harry, H/G - PG-13]
- Lost by sheffers81. [H/G - PG13]
- Indecent Infatuations by abvj. [Harry, H/G - PG]
- For Better or Worse by eimajunknown. [H/G - R]
- Casca completed Seeking Ginny with Chapter 14. [H/G, Complete]
- mickawber_fics updated The Wisest Course with Epilogue. [Multiple ships, PG13]

Today's Fanart:
- Scar by slytherinfiend. [Harry, G]
- I Saw Her Standing There, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I´m yours by lillywmw. [Various, Both G]
- Ginny by tbranch. [G]
- DH Trio by potterpuffs. [G]
- Godric Gryffindor by the_pole_star. [G]
- Mmm drugs .. by accio_ron. [Harry, G]
- Group by gredandfeorge. [Various, G]
- The Journey Ahead by hippie_girl8. [Trio, G]
- Group Hug by elaboration. [Various, G]
- Lily's Eyes by lyntek. [Harry, Lily, G]
- Spells gone awry by reallycorking. [GoF Art, Various, G]
- Despair by leochi. [Harry - G]
- Neville, Trio by damn_squiggly. [Both G]
- At Bill & Fleur's wedding by eliathanis. [H/G, others, G]
- Sketches by lberghol. [Various - All G]
- Why There Were So Many Couples Suddenly Established in HBP by sitrusky. [Various, PG13]
- Deathly Hallows Trailer by nella_malfoy. [No Spoilers]
- 4 H/G icons & 4 Colour Bars by pwrpoffgrl.
- 41 Assorted HP by glistengirli. [OotP, random quotes, DH preditions]
- 95 Cast, Movie, Books icons by keepyourguns. [Mf post]
- 45 HP book 7 Not So Real Spoilers by just_float.
- Deathly Hallows Hiatus Banners by nella_malfoy.
- 14 DH Bookmarks featuring cambryn's wonderful art by lijoka. [H/G, R/Hr & Harry]
- 17 Rupert/Emma banners and a Huge batch of icons by biliki. [HP cast]
- 2 H/G manips by hgrhr.

Of Interest:
- shocolate: Evanna Lynch and Fandom.
- hgrhr posted pics of Bonnie at OotP Finnish Premiere.
- Simply Undeniable is currently taking applications for Betas and Programmers.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

Jul. 12th, 2007

Bad Ass


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Today's News:
- OotP ITV 'Behind the Magic' Special Now Online, Plus More. [TLC]
- Radcliffe, Watson US Talk Show Reminders. [TLC]
- "Order of the Phoenix" Opens on 4,285 Theaters, Takes in Reported 12 Million. [TLC]
- Harry Potter ans Unite to Save Darfur: Special Podcast, Activities and More. [TLC]
- New reviews of 'Order of the Phoenix'. [HPANA]
- Images from 'OotP' premiere in Oslo, Norway with Matthew & Katie. [HPANA]
- 'Order of the Phoenix' selling out fast on Fandango. [HPANA]
- Exclusive 'Half-Blood Prince' movie tidbit. [HPANA]
- Wal-Mart to Help Fans 'Savor the Ending' of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. [CNN Money]
- Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack on iTunes. [DM]
- Scholastic Editor Arthur Levine: "I'm just the stand-in for the reader". [TLC]
- 'USA Today' Article and New Image from OotP. [TLC]
- HP Trio Casts Permanent Spell at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre [HPANA]
- Exclusive HBP Movie Casting News [HPANA]
- Hi-res images from 'Order of the Phoenix' LA premiere. [HPANA]
- First Pictures and Media Reports Online from LA Premiere of OotP. [TLC]

- sheffers81: Ginny Over Protected?
- porcupine8: Life Debts.
- decapi_tation: GoF and Fred & George.
- woman_ironing: A Game of Two Halves: Duality in Harry Potter.
- swythyv: The Phoenix Ascendant.
- delylah: Possible Horcruxes.
- bloodyrose82: Lily Potter's involvement in Deathly Hallows.
- kaskait: 'The Location of St. Mungo's Hospital'.
- saturn92103: What are your predictions for Deathly Hallows?
- penknife: DH, your interest, and fannish predictions. [Poll]
- mrspadf00t1: Are ya gonna... [Poll]

- ack_attack is hosting the Harry Potter Photoshop Contest.
- livre_de_lamour is a new RPG community revolving around the untold story between Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour.
- lolpotters is a new Harry Potter Macros community.
- dh_pensieve is a new Deathly Hallows related community.
- crack_broom announced a New Policy.
- daily_deviant posted the June Masterlist.
- fiction_alley issued the 7.21.07 Fic Challenge.
- ron_hermione issued their Spoiler Policy.
- honestlyronald issued their Spoiler Policy.
- honestlyronald is looking for help with banner for new layout and for a temporary Co-Mod.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Third by tosca1390. [H/G - PG13]
- His, Hers and Theirs by eimajunknown. [H/G]
- An Unexpected Reunion by xxstar_lit_path. [H/G - oneshot]
- Ginny Weasley and the Half-Blood Prince: A Day of Relaxation (2/?) by cambryn. [Ginny, H/G - PG]

Today's Fanart:
- Trio by myprolix. [G]
- The Burrow by ashleigh_713. [G]
- Two by caladan_dd. [Trio, Scrimgeour, Harry - Both G]
- Potter Overload by red_magicmarker. [G]
- Trio by ilikeblueskies. [HBP CA - G]
- 34 OotP & Premiere Icons by mah_akh. [Various]
- 24 HP icons by pscopathictiger. [UK Premiere, OotP]
- 12 GoF icons by riddlemethis. [Various]
- 12 HP Team icons by thebluespaniard.
- 91 HP and July 21st icons by kirjava17. [Various]
- 11 Sorcerer's Stone icons by justinpower. [Trio]

Of Interest:
- Memories - Within Temptation by singergirl88. [H/G fanvid]
- 3 R/Hr banners and 20 HP icons by twinkletrees. [UK, French Premieres]
- Harry Potter and the Miserable Migraines.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

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