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ladysugarquill in hg_daily

PSA: crack_broom looking for H/G recs!

Originally posted by mickawber_fics at PSA: crack_broom looking for H/G recs!

Just a call for volunteers: crack_broom, LJ's premiere HP reccing community, is looking for Harry/Ginny reccers. If you have run across some stories featuring our favorite couple that you'd like to share, go to the sign-up post: http://crack-broom.livejournal.com/2193559.html

They've recently changed their rules to allow for some repeat recommendations, so even if the fic/art/vid/podfic you want to share is an oldie-but-goodie that has been rec'd on crack_broom in the past, it might be time to introduce it to a whole new round of readers!