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ladysugarquill in hg_daily

Dec 27th, 2013

I hope you're all having happy holidays!

- Hinny: Quote prompt by defence-against-the-drabbles. [H/G, PG-13]

- Harry y Hinny icons by rhye. [H/G, G]

- Ginny Weasley by a-demigod-potterhead. [Ginny, G]
- Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows by Larinelle. [Everybody, G]
- sweet winter morning by Skywolf5. [Harry, Hedwig, G]
- H+G part two by AlexielApril. [H/G, PG-13]
- Ginny 'n' Harry by BubbleMonsterXI. [H/G, G]
- Harry and Ginny by lauu7. [H/G, G]
- A Very Potter Winter by chuwenjie. [Harry, Hedwig, G]
- Harry and Ginny by Skywolf5. [H/G, G]
- What? by Wasserspiegel. [Harry, G]
- the golden snitch? by KamTheMightyOne. [Harry, G]